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3blades.io is not using any redirect to other website. 3blades.io uses HTTPS certificate, and 3blades.io's IP address isn't listed in SPAM list. The site is up to date. The site uses robots.txt. 3blades.io has family safe content, and contains 1 external javascripts. 3blades.io contains 4 external links.

3blades.io safety report

Date: 2016-12-31 01:02:38


Domain isn't redirected.

CMS check

Good, the site is up to date.


3blades.io uses HTTP Secure (HTTPS / SSL) certificate.


3blades.io's IP address isn't blacklisted.

Family-safe Content

Child safety: 3blades.io doesn't contain adult content.

External Javascripts

3blades.io contains external javascripts:
  • https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js?publisherid=117513563939799403950

External Links

3blades.io contains external links:
  • Href: https://twitter.com/3Bladesio
    Count: 1
  • Href: https://www.facebook.com/3bladesio
    Count: 1
  • Href: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3blades
    Count: 1
  • Href: http://www.shugert.com.mx
    Count: 1

Hidden Links

3blades.io doesn't contain external hidden links.


Good! We have not found any frame on your site.


Good! We have not found any flash objects on your site.

Admin login checking

We found public admin login page: /admin

Email checking

We found unencrypted email!

Content locker script

3blades.io doesn't contain content locker.

XSS script checking

We haven't found inline XSS script on 3blades.io.


  • WordPress 4.5.4
You should hide this information!

Eval(base64_decode()) script checking

3blades.io doesn't contain eval(base64_decode()) decoded scripts.


HTML page size
  • Page size: 31.97 KB
Sitemap checking
  • We have found xml sitemap: sitemap_index.xml
Doctype checking
  • We have found Doctype setting!: "HTML 5"
Canonical URL
  • We have found canonical URL:
    • https://www.3blades.io/
404 checking
  • We have found 404 page.
CURL Response
  • url: https://www.3blades.io/
  • filetime: -1
  • content type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
  • http code: 200
  • header size: 777
  • request size: 1464
  • ssl verify result: 0
  • redirect count: 1
  • total time: 1.399959
  • namelookup time: 4.4E-5
  • connect time: 0.030467
  • pretransfer time: 0.568057
  • size upload: 0
  • size download: 32738
  • speed download: 23384
  • speed upload: 0
  • download content length: 32738
  • upload content length: 0
  • starttransfer time: 0.915533
  • redirect time: 0.454319
  • redirect url:
  • primary ip:
  • primary port: 80
Number of javascript: 7

Too many javascript files found which slows down the page load on the website.

Number of HTML comments: 8

Robots TXT

User-agentRobots disallow
  • /blog/wp-admin/

3blades.io - website safety checking

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